Testimonials from the MQP List and Emails

If you have had a good experience with using EdgeRider Wheels please so I can post it here.


"WoW!! The Best Wheels on Earth!!! Installed on my APQS Freedom. WoW, I can do everything. Things that I couldn't quilt before, I can now do... Just like Butter.. Thank you!!!!!"

"AWESOME! That's how I describe my new EdgeRider Wheels... AWESOME!! Had I known how much better my quilting could have been right from the start I would have bought a set when I purchased my Gammill 7 years ago. I didn't know if I could install them myself but it was easy enough and then I was off and running. The first quilt I did (after my practice piece) was for a customer who wanted custom quilting. In the past I dreaded doing outline stitching because I just knew I would want to go one direction and the machine would want to go in a totally different direction. That first experience was like heaven, I couldn't believe that I could freehand stitch around a tiny little monkey's tail no wider than a 1/8 of an inch and stay on the line. I was amazed and so excited; I couldn't wait to tell everyone I knew!! These wheels are the best thing that's happened to my business... EVER! They have given me the confidence to undertake all kinds of projects that would have scared me to death before. THANK YOU EDGERIDER!"
Melody M.

"First... my sincere apologizes to Zoltan for doubting that he could design wheels of this quality at such a reasonable price. I've been a longarm quilter for 23 years and have considered upgrading my 21 year old machine (T-Rex) many times. But, I have always believed that, 'If it ain't broke, don't fix it!' After thousands of quilts and watching the industry progress from my simple machine to stitch regulators and now fully computerized machines, I have always been a skeptic. I don't have all the bells and whistles of the new models, but my machine has been relatively reliable and I've been able to do just about everything I've wanted to do. Over the years I've reviewed many new and innovative products as I published Unlimited Possibilities Magazine and this is one product I really should have tried a lot sooner. I thought I had a smooth moving machine. I had no idea how much better it could be with EdgeRider wheels. It's like putting a new set of Michelin tires on my car. I now find myself doing straight diagonal lines without the use of a ruler. Stitching in the ditch, even on curves, is a breeze. It's kind of depressing to think I spent all those years without these wheels. Zoltan has definitely engineered a smoother ride."
Marcia Stevens

"The wheels came Monday, we installed them that evening. Chose a quilt that was to be background Feather Meandered, AWESOME. The machine no longer wants to swerve. We noticed these are different than the original set.

I can't thank you enough for standing by your product. Your service is so remarkable."

"I have Edgeriders on my Premier and they are wonderful! All the good things everyone is saying about them is true. Definitely worth the investment."

"What makes these wheels so special??? I've been longarming for almost 12 years and have never had as good a day as yesterday thanks to the Edgeriders. I was almost ready to give up, but installed the wheels and am thrilled with them. If you look at it as $20 a wheel, then don't get them. If you look at it with the idea of how much better your quilting will be, then get on their web page and order them. Simple as that. Frustration/aggravation versus a smooth ride - I'll take the smooth ride any day."
Leslie A.

"Omigooness!! It's not just the fact that I could do freehand spirals perfectly, but my 1/4" outlining is good, too!!!!! I tried everything today and was amazed at how I didn't have to fight to get the smoothness. I didn't get any flat spots when I did curves or bumps anywhere. I turned the music up for the first time in weeks and I just boogied... I loved what I was doing!!! I haven't tried SID yet, but don't think I will cringe at in now. Wow, I don't feel like such a dinosaur anymore! Nothing like learning new stuff at age 54!!!! I had a REALLY good quilting day today - thanks to my new wheels. Sorry I didn't do it a long time ago. Don't think I will get much sleep tonight cuz now I want to quilt!"
Leslie A.

"I, too, have the edgerider wheels & I love them. I wish I had invested in them a long time ago. The control I have is amazing since I got the wheels."
Janet A.

"Edgeriders helped me. I really like them."

"I have edgerider wheels and Circle Lord and there is not problem. Love them both."
Mary Kuhn
Gammill Opt. I/S Turbo

"The edgeriders are great. I have an older APQS Ult II with no attachments or anything. I seem to have better control and Ralphie just glides across the table now. It wasn't bad before, so I wasn't sure if I needed them, but boy, I do notice a difference. And they were so easy to put on!"
Vicki A.

"Lucille, I have them, and I think they are worth every penny. My machine rides much smoother, and does not pull in a direction that I am not moving. I am trying to think and be objective---it's smoother, easier to control, more accurate. I say ask Leslie NY! I've had mine for quite a while (maybe 10 months), she just got hers. I know that she is very excited about hers, and I do not disagree. I must say that when I first got mine I was not happy! I expressed that feeling, and asked for help on the list, and Zoltan either emailed me or called me (I can't remember which). He asked about the color of the bearings, and said they were wrong, and told me to send them back after I received new ones! WOW! I got the new wheels, SIL installed them, and I was off and running! I love them, and I don't think you can get better customer service than Zoltan gives!"

"I hesitated for a long time about getting the Edgerider wheels from Intellistitch. I was happy quilting on my original Gammill wheels. I never really noticed any pulls or wobbles."

"What a difference these wheels can make. Tom and Pat Brown (my I/S dealers) installed them on my machine. I really didn't notice a big difference until I was doing some SID and outlining appliqué. It really makes it so much easier and smoother. Now I'm very glad I made the change. Just wanted to share! Check them out at MQX. No affiliation just a very happy customer."
Karen T.

"We recently added the Edgeriders to my Gammill Premier, and I am tickled pink with them!"

"After many months of trying to decide whether to purchase the Edgerider Wheels I finally decided to go for it. The original wheels on my Gammill seemed fine except for the fact that at times when I guided the machine one way it seemed to have a mind of its own wanting to go another way. I bought the wheels last Monday afternoon & my DH put them on(only took 35 minutes) & I have been quilting with wonderful ease and control ever since. I am truly amazed at the difference they have made in the control I have now. Not affiliated with the Edgerider Co in any way, just a very happy customer."
Janet A.

"I am quilting the sashing of the Destination Imagination quilt with Karen McTavish (aka Victorian) feathers and the Edgeriders make it WONDERFUL for me to control these tiny feathers. I love them and I wouldn't give them up for anything. The control I have with them is unsurpassed!"

"I can't say how long they will last but if I had to replace them every year (which I don't, I have already had them more than one year) they are so worth it."
Renae Haddadin

"I ordered the wheels right after MQX and put them on this past week. I ran a panto yesterday and thought I was in heaven... if you thought you would like the wheels from the front, they are just as great on the back. It was so smooth and accurate I almost felt as though I could quilt with my eyes closed... Anyhow, they are SWWWWWWWEEEEEEET!!!!!!"

"I'm only sorry I waited a year... ya think the first time Kimmy (and everyone else) said "get the edgeriders you won't be sorry" I would have listened!.."
Paula Moser-Spaulding

"I test drove the edgeriders at MQS and I also checked out the new Gammill wheels. The Edgeriders won. I bought them at the King's Men booth and was very grateful they had one set left. I tried tiny movements on the gammill with the wheels at the Intellistitch booth and was very happy with the movements. There was no play, no slippage, they don't build up the black oily debris that the old ones do, and most important, they do not ride on the v groove. The v groove is not a sensible feature. The ride will only be as good as the road. So for those of you wavering at the thought of changing the old wheels out or the cost, I find them to be very worth every penny."

"If you are concern about a waiting list to get them. Remember the waiting lists that we keep for our customers, and how patient they can be."

"My experience and I'm stickin to it."
Norma Riehm