About Us

EdgeRider wheels were developed out of a need for wheels that reduced vibration, wobbling and didn't fall apart during trade shows. Several years ago, during a demo at a trade show, a Gammill Optimum with the original Gammill wheels simply fell apart.

From that moment, I knew that something had to be done. As an avid rollerblader, my first thought was how dual ball bearings in rollerblade wheels prevented the sideways wobble, and supporter much higher speeds and weight. After talking at length with Zoltan about how long-arm quilting machines might benefit from utilizing this same concept, the first EdgeRider wheels were developed. Originally, they were sold by Zoltan through IntelliStitch, Ray from QuiltTech, and as original equipment on KenQuilt's machines.

A couple years later I took over the business and incorporated as a seperate entity. That year, we developed wheels for the HQ Sixteen machines, increased marketing efforts, improved testing procedures and documentation.

Currently, we are working on the new website, finding more dealers and creating a dealer support system.

Barna Kasa
EdgeRider Wheels

More about the Wheels

The EdgeRider wheels provide stability and easy rolling at the same time by combining three major design solutions:

  1. Shape: in different ways for each machine, but the wheels are either "wedged" between the edges of rails, or "grab" the rails to eliminate sideways play, thus holding the machine firmly on the tracks. Some Gammill customers report an unexpected side effect of the "wedging": less vibration.
  2. Material: the wheels are made of a high quality plastic, with an "oily feel" to its surface, which reduces abrasiveness, one of the causes of aluminum oxide buildup.
  3. Dual ball bearings: to reduce the unavoidable axial play (wobbling) of any single ball bearing, the EdgeRider wheels have two ball bearings. This feature increases the stability of the machines, and on machines with horizontal wheels reduces the strain on the individual bearings, and practically equivalent with the use of more expensive thrust ball bearings.

The EdgeRider wheels are manufactured by precision machinery, and each wheel is tested/ by spinning at 16,000 RPM.

EdgeRider Wheels are available for:

  • Gammill Quilting Machines
  • APQS Quilting Machines
  • HandiQuilter 16 Mid-arm Machines

Each EdgeRider set comes with:

  • 8 Precision Wheels
  • Installation Instructions
  • All Bolts/Nuts/Spacers needed for installation

Going Green

We make every effort to be a Green business. This doesn't mean that we charge our customers more to buy carbon credits or raise prices to meet some newly made up green standard. Going green doesn't mean spending more money. Unfortunately, most people will try to tell you that GREEN is more expensive, it is not. Our GREEN changes have not only benefited the environment but our customers' bottom line, our bottom line, time savings for us and our clients' in a win-win-win solution.

  • We share resources with several other businesses including tools, work space, packaging and technology. This significantly cuts down on waste and infrastructure costs.
  • We buy our parts in bulk which reduces packaging, travel to/from suppliers, fossil fuels used in delivery and paperwork.
  • Electronic billing saves reams and reams of paper every year, not to mention envelopes, paper and stamps.
  • Electronic payments available to all clients' reduced the need for mailing back paper checks, this helps reduce the cost to our clients' and paper usage all around.
  • Electronic bill payment to 90% of our vendors reduces even more paper usage.
  • We recycle cardboard, paper (after shredding) and plastic.
  • We reuse packaging from our vendors and installation trips to reduce waste.
  • We recycle all scrap metal and prototypes that do not make it to production.
  • We donate books, office supplies, and everything else we can, to a handful of charities (Habitat For Humanities, Keep Franklin County Beautiful - Waste Not Center and Goodwill) for reuse.